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Welcome  to CatchQ  

Personalized QR Code Linking technology; providing a safe space to share memories, check in, and read about the lives lived.   


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Each Tribute comes with a personalized mountable plaque with your QR code. It links to your individual Tribute webpage: Tribute pages live here within CatchQ, on the Tribute Wall.  Each page contains a family's written narrative, a photo gallery, your videos and media, along with a running messaging center for scanners/visitors. Visitors to cemeteries or special chosen locations (in the event your loved one's ashes are spread) are able to learn about loved one, and check in (post messages), just by scanning your QR coded plaque.  

CatchQ was born beside the death of Quincy Friedrich; a beautiful soul, whose short life and sudden death will forever impact everyone who knew him. It is our hope that we continue to tell his story; combined with a mission.

We would like to invite you to tell your story too.

Quincy's personal Tribute Webpage (and all Tributes!), can be found above within CatchQ's Tribute database. Tribute pages contain photos, stories and content chosen to share with the world. Anyone (friends and passerbyers in a cemetery or special chosen place) scan a QR code in order to learn, check in, say hello, or share a story.



This website was created for the living, in order to share our loved ones with the world, and imprint legacies.

Anyone can create a Tribute. You are also able to give the gift of a Tribute, to someone who has lost a loved one. Anyone who has accesses to the website, or mobile access to scan a QR code, has the chance to read your Tribute's story, comment on your feed, view the obituary and see uploaded media you choose to share.  


Quincy brought people together. It is the hope of CatchQ that even in death, Quincy continues to connect friends and strangers. We hope that CatchQ's missions make Quincy proud. CatchQ wanted to design a way for the living to publicly share words, photos and media to take an active role in memorializing their loved one. More specifically; provide a way for those to connect with one another by learning about a life, while visiting a cemetery or special chosen location. 

Quincy's missions; (our missions), are all inclusive, and focus on helping others with sensitive needs. Please read all about our missions on the About page above.



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1. Register with CatchQ (located at the top right of this page)

2. Go to the GET OR GIVE A TRIBUTE page, located in the top menu bar of this page.

3. Select a purple button to choose whether to give or get.

4. Complete and submit the Register a Tribute form. CatchQ is free! Donations greatly appreciated!  

5. Your placeholder will appear on the Tribute wall. You will be granted access to the Member Portal; to build your Tribute



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