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How CatchQ Came About

A mother created the idea of CatchQ. She is not unlike any other mother, in that she works for and with her children and wants to be a part of their action. This need for action and involvement did not go away; with the death of her son, Quincy.


The desire to continue to keep her son's memory alive, and share him with the world; became the driving force behind CatchQ.  Providing an ongoing avenue to continue to DO FOR HIM brings some hope, happiness and peace. 


Many strolls around her son's cemetery; finding patterns and trends in death dates, and the wonder about the lives lived, sparked the idea to find a way to share her son with anyone passing by. 


Just a mom; loving her son. Her wish to continue to do for him, morphed into trying to figure out a way to invite anyone to participate.  Her son's inclusive personality grew the project. 

This mom has found some peace with this mission, and her hope is that she can spread the love to others, on behalf of Quincy.  (Brynn's Blog, within CatchQ will continue to tell some of her love and grief stories).

Finding a mission to support someone in need, is just what Quincy was made of.

This website and its missions were created in honor of Quincy Friedrich.

Love, Mom.


Current Mission

Quincy is laid to rest near children, who are missing memorial gravestones. The children's site markers indicate that death occurred more than a decade ago. Losing a child brings sudden and unexpected situations. Many reasons may have prevented a family from having the ability to place a memorial stone on their child's grave. Collected funds from purchasing a CatchQ Website Tribute page and donations will go towards providing permanent memorial markers for children. 

If you have located a burial plot of a child in need of a stone and would like to add them to our list of CatchQ Mission possible recipients; please navigate to the top right of this page and click I Have A Mission Idea.  Be sure to upload a clear picture of the burial site funeral-home marker. Include any information, which may be able to help us contact relatives of the child. The family must be found and agree; in order to move forward. Once verified, the child will be added to the list. The following criteria applies: The child must be 20 years of age or younger. The child must have a death date greater than 10 years ago from today's date.  

Check Back In

Learn about past Missions, and check current Mission updates.  Progress, contributions, events and stories specific to Missions and disbursement will be updated as we go along. Some missions take longer than others! Please click the Progress sign picture to your left.

Submit Your Ideas

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No Mission is too large or too small. Should you have ideas for Missions or focus, please send us your ideas. Be very specific with your details. Not all Missions can be taken on, but brainstorming ideas together is the best way to diversify causes!  Click on the lightbulb to your left to submit an idea!

If you are interested in making a donation to support the cause, please click the DONATE link in the top center of this page1

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