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Please search the Tribute Data Base for your loved one by name. If the (blank Tribute) name initials and birthday exists, it simply means that a Tribute Page has already been registered or has already been gifted in honor. Duplicate Tributes are offered. Keep in mind that while having one host is the most efficient way to bring everyone together, we understand that not one size fits all. Anyone is able to register and build a Tribute. Please be diligent in trying to avoid any unwanted duplicate Tributes. 

Before getting or giving a Tribute


Register a Tribute for you and your family


  • Please register yourself as a CatchQ member. Click Log In Or Register, located in the top right-hand corner of the website.


  • Click the purple Get My Tribute button at the top of this page. You will not be asked to provide any content for your Tribute webpage at the time of the Tribute Registration.

  • Once you submit, your blank placeholder with initials and birthdate will appear on the Tribute Wall within 48 hours.

  • Within 15 business days of registration, you will receive your CatchQ Package in the mail:

    • A Welcome Letter from CatchQ

    • The named QR-coded slate plaque (active and linked to your placeholder; found on the Tribute Wall).

    • Access to the Tribute Member Portal (Everything you will need to submit your webpage content).

    • A unique webpage address for your Tribute.

    • Your Tribute page to contain your written content, photos, links, and a live and running comment section.

    • Publication of your page on the World Wide Web, with your unique webpage address.

    • Publication on CatchQ's Tribute Wall within

  • There are no timelines to complete your Tribute. Take your time collecting what you would like to publish on your page.

  • Once you submit your content, your page will be built and published. Your plaque is now ready to be mounted and scanned for visitors to share stories, say hello, and add photos to your running comment section. 


  • You may mount your plaque in any special location! In the event your loved one's ashes were spread, perhaps a special spot unique to your person, is just the right place! If you decide to mount your plaque on a tombstone, please keep in mind that some cemeteries have specific guidelines for displays. The plaque is etched on genuine stone. It is a simple and classy flat 4x4 inch square. Adhesive is gel based, non-abrasive and easily removeable. The plaque appears to be a part of the tombstone. While there have not yet been reports of encountered problems with displaying (attaching) the plaque, please be aware of any restrictions unique to your cemetery, if this is the location you choose. 

Gifting a Tribute to someone else

Give the gift of a Tribute to someone you care about; in memory of a person they have lost.


  • Please register yourself as a CatchQ site member! Find (Log In Or Register) located in the uppermost right-hand corner of this page or any site page of:  


  • Click the (Send Tribute Gift) button location in the top menu. You will be asked to provide contact information and insert a personal message to your recipient. Submit the form along with any chosen donation amount.


  • Your recipient will receive a Gift Package from CatchQ:

    • A sensitive Welcome Letter; explaining the project.

    • The named QR-coded slate plaque (active and linked to their placeholder; found within the Tribute Database)

    • Directions to register with CatchQ; for access to the Tribute Owner Portal, in order to send page content. 

    • Tribute Owner Portal access includes: Tribute edit forms, along with ongoing CatchQ technical support for help.

    • Publication of their Tribute on the World Wide Web, with no yearly domain fees.



CatchQ may not be for everyone, or the time may not be right. There is uniqueness in grief, and there are no   expectations.  CatchQ will honor your recipient's wishes to the fullest. Should a recipient choose not to submit   content for their Tribute      page, the name placeholder will be there waiting. Time and patience within grief is   critical. CatchQ will not send  reminders  to your recipient. CatchQ respects all personal decisions in   participation and timelines. A gift recipient will  always have the choice to join; whether it be weeks, months, years, or at all. If your recipient chooses not to participate, any  donations will still be used for CatchQ and its missions! 

CatchQ is a donation only, not-for-profit run entity! This mama does it with some help! Tributes are FREE. Donations make it possible for EVERYONE to participate, should someone not have the means, and donations support the Missions. A suggested one-time donation amount of $72 is offered. If you are able to contribute, it helps a lot!  

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