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May 9, 2003

February 11, 2023

Sharing The Life
Quincy packed life into his 19 years on Earth. Please read about him and share him. Please comment with a "hello," add photos we may not have seen, or tell a story! (If you met Quincy by walking through the cemetery, I am so glad that you are getting to know a little bit about him!) Quincy's death story: February 11, 2023 Quincy and his roommate Bella were home from college, visiting family and friends for the weekend. They joined in a family reunion for Quincy’s grandmother, spent time with extended and close family, and were excited to be a part of his little sister Piper’s birthday. Quincy’s childhood friend joined them for the evening as well. After a riveting game of Monopoly a little after 10:00pm on February 11, 2023; Quincy, his friend, and his roommate, hopped into a car to grab something to eat. Quincy’s friend was driving the car, Quincy was in the passenger front seat, and Bella was in the back seat on the driver’s side. The trio were headed North on Leversee Rd., a gravel road. As the car approached the blacktop highway, Cedar Wapsi Rd., Quincy’s best friend slowed from gravel speeds of 40mph down to 23mph, and failed to yield the stop sign, driving straight through the intersection. A car traveling westbound on Cedar Wapsi Rd. at 64mph struck the passenger side broadside, crushing the passenger side of the car entirely, and flipping their tiny red convertible Cavalier onto it’s top. Quincy died on impact. His autopsy revealed multiple fatal blunt force trauma injuries. He did not suffer. Quincy was wearing his seatbelt. Bella, seat belted in the driver’s side back seat, was pronounced deceased upon arrival. Further efforts ensued, and signs of life were found. Extensive extraction tactics were used to release her from the car, and she was life-flighted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, where she would then fight for her life. Multiple broken bones throughout her body, extensive gasoline burns, and brain injuries, were among other unknown and known initial injuries. There were critical periods of unknown survival and/or recovery. She would spend the next more-than-a-month in an induced coma in ICU, while her brain was resetting, and her body was resting. She endured surgeries and care for her burns, and broken bones were set. When she did wake up (yay!!!) her jaw was wired shut, and she was unable to walk. She would spend the next several months regaining her strength, relearning skills, and exercising her memory/brain function. After four more months of hospitalization, intense therapies and delicious hospital foods, she was finally able to return with her family back to her home state of Florida to begin recovery in more familiar surroundings. She has since regained miraculous skills, and currently (This was written 15 months following the accident) continues with frequent and intense Physical Therapy sessions, other therapies, and has undergone a series of continued surgeries. While well on her way to an unbelievable physical recovery, her emotional trauma will stay with her. Quincy’s friend was in the driver’s seat. He was unbelted. He was knocked unconscious and life-flighted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. He suffered from fractured ribs, a broken bone in his neck vertebrae and a broken pelvis. He would stay hospitalized for two weeks, until healing could continue at his home, where he would then make a full physical recovery. His emotional trauma will stay with him. ____________________________________________________________________ A little Bit About Quincy Quincy was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on May 9, 2003. Our little family had trekked to teach abroad just after Quincy's dad and I had graduated college. Quincy made his way and was born a dual citizen; something he was always very proud of. When the doctors lifted him up, they exclaimed that he was a "giant baby". I imagined him to look like a 15- pound toddler, but the little bundle that showed up in my arms, seemed just about the right size. He was 7lbs.2oz, but certainly outsized all of his hospital nursery friends born the same day :) Quincy lived life. He was quiet, calm and mysterious. An observer. Most people would say that he kept them guessing and could be hard to read. His family would say we knew the people in his life that were the most important and impactful to him: His subtle ways of showing love to those he cared about were obvious and blatant, to those of us that knew him well. The truth could be said about the other direction; he didn’t hide his distaste for the people who hurt others or rubbed him the wrong way. It was a running joke from very early on, that if Quincy had a bad feeling about someone; we should go ahead and RUN. Over time, we would find that his instincts should not go unheard. Not only did we not ignore them when he spoke up, but we began to ask him for his gut feelings and we listened. While tact might not have been his thing, I will always admire his willingness to tell-it-how-it-is. He taught me a lot. His many Grandparents (those sets of biological Grandparents, and those not by blood with close influence) made the top of his favorite list. He appreciated the wisdom and stories from them. Quincy was a helper without hesitation to the underdog, the elderly, and those with special needs. Quincy marched to the beat of his own drum, and picked up hobbies and interests that were far from what his family knew. He made us learn new skills and created new passions for us. His interest, drive, and dedication to mechanics left us with two beautiful beast trucks…One completely redone 1978 F100 (His mechanical mentor Clint Barrett gifted him), and one 1995 Chevy Silverado (His late Grandpa Jerry’s truck; gifted to him by his Aunt Dany); tricked out with all of the bells and whistles…Glasspacks of course :) These were his very favorite possessions…We will continue to care for them as he would have. Quincy’s love and dedication to his family was more than most kids his age. He loved traditions and looked forward to the sets of must-haves in holidays and family functions. He took on traditions of those he cared about, too. Grandma Linda’s Hawaiian rolls were critical to Quincy in every holiday meal. Quincy showed up for family, and nothing came before us. What a cool kid with his head on straight. His very favorite people were his big brother Joe and his little sister Piper. Quincy looked up to Joe and Joe pulled him along with him as his sidekick right from the very beginning. His sister Piper would become Quincy's best friend, as they grew. The two of them shared everything and relied on each other. This trio of kids is the strongest bond of brotherhood/sisterhood, and forever will be. Piper takes Quincy’s influence wherever she goes, and Joes guidance was critical to Quincy's character of doing the right thing. Quincy also met his brother Trenton at age two. Bonded pair from the start. All the things for these two...Growing up together...Quincy's lean-on friend. Birthdays were celebrated together, all the fun was had, Trenton lived-in during the pandemic, vacations together... Well, how lucky are this pair to have had each other. I love you Trenton-and so does Quincy... Football. You’ve not worked with a more coachable kid. He followed guidance and poured his all into what was expected of him. Quincy’s Los Angeles Chargers: snatched up from his big brother Joe…Well, we will always wear the gear. While he loved playing football the most, his basketball skills were his natural talent. Over time, he would beat his big brother Joe and his dad one-on-one (more often than not). Quincy and our family moved once again overseas, to embark on another abroad teaching experience. This time rather than towing tiny children, we brought two teenagers...Quincy JUMPED ONBOARD with the idea. Never a hesitation. And when we arrived in Latin America? He broke into confidence and came into his own. He was a leader and the kid everyone invited to everything. He wasn't scared to pop onto basketball teams with kids who didn't speak English, and he wasn't afraid to embark on a 2-week adventure with a friend ON THEIR OWN, to explore the country... He poured himself into school and did VERY WELL. He learned to study, found a passion for school and he found all sorts of new skills.. He began to head out of introvert and into himself. The two years spent there were critical for him. He graduated high school overseas. And then? He chose the University of Iowa for college when we returned to the states. He received academic scholarships, and chose the nursing track. His goals and dreams were to receive his BSN at Iowa, and continue into Physical Therapy. He didn't mess around...He did better his first semester in college than I did. He was just into his second semester at Iowa, when the crash happened. While at times, it is overwhelming to have had so much worry for a kid who struggled sometimes to make friends or feel confident...I got to watch him get to a place, that was everything I dreamed of for him. He met Bella...his roommate. (The story is a fun one...) And when I talk to Bella now; and share how grateful I am for her in his life, she tells me she never knew the quiet, low-confident Quincy. That he was a guide for her and others. That he was responsible and happy right from the start. Oh-What-A-Feeling... We are grateful for the village of friends, family and neighbors that helped raise Quincy alongside us. This kid did more in his 19 years on earth than many will do in a lifetime. I am so glad I get to be his mom.
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May 12

SO SO SWEET!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Happy 21st Birthday Quincy! Your light shines everyday! 💛⭐️💛⭐️💛


May 09

Happy 21st Quince! 💙


Hey baby...This one's for you. Happy 21st Birthday!😘

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