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Terms and Conditions 


Please take a few minutes to review these Terms and Conditions. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to follow these rules and to be bound by them. SO please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly. reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Your use of this website following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms and Conditions as changed. For this reason, we encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions whenever you use this website.



Payments are due at time of order. However, orders may be placed over the phone or an emailed payment link will be sent to you if you need assistance. In this event, payments are due over the phone or email at time of order. We accept payments in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Pay Pal.

Once your order has been placed, CatchQ will send you an email asking for the information to build your Tribute page. You are responsible for uploading content, and providing written narratives for publication on your Tribute page. Your content will be displayed within your Tribute exactly as emailed and sent by you. 

CatchQ is not responsible for editing content or making suggestions. CatchQ is not responsible for the content in which you provide, nor is CatchQ responsible for copyrighted material. The customer is responsible for ensuring content is original and shareable publicly. The same is true for images and graphics. 

If your CatchQ slate plaque is damaged, lost, stolen, delivered late, or does not meet your satisfaction, you are qualified to return any or all products for a replacement. We will provide a return label for your plaque to be returned. Simply email our Support Team with your concern. Any concern must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the product. After this, no complaints will be registered.

We have the right to refuse to place any orders, to list any Tributes or to deny payment for any reason..

Typical orders are received within the time frame given. Your Tribute page will be publicly posted within 15 days of receiving content from the customer to include. Should your website not be visible within the timeframe of 15 business days, the customer should reach out to CatchQ customer service. Should your plaque not be received within said time frame, an additional 5 business day wait period shall be allotted, at which time a replacement will be issued, should the item fail to arrive.  

ORDER CHANGES / CANCELLATIONS will make every effort, upon your request, to change or cancel your order. If the order has reached the pre-production set up phase, you may be charged for the creation of the plaque only. All of these charges will be a direct pass through from to you. If a plaque has begun production, unfortunately, we cannot stop or change the order. We can, if you wish, prevent shipment or redirect it. You will in this case be refunded $175 (minus the cost of the plaque), which will terminate your Tribute purchase on the website as well. Once the webpage has been purchased and built and is published; at any time, your page will be taken down at written request, however the purchase fees are unable to be refunded once the page has been built and published. 

Once your Tribute page has been entered into the database, the sale will be considered final. At any time, we are able to pull your Tribute from the database with written confirmation. However, the one time set up fee for publishing, is non-refundable. 

Should you purchase additional plaques: For any changes to the orders, you must email the sales department at within 3 hours of placing the order with the correction. Also any cancellations of orders should be made within 3 hours of placing the order.

When a delivery is not met we can only issue delivery charged , we cannot issue the production cost as production takes manpower and material , this is a non refundable fee (purchase of the $25 additional plaque).

Customer must return the product back, at his/her shipping cost for full refund (for additional purchased plaques)

When placing an online order, if you press 'SUBMIT' more than once your order may be duplicated. Once you inform us of any such duplicate charges, we will promptly credit the amount back to you if the order has not proceeded to production. By placing an order online the customer is giving the permission to charge the credit card they provide. When a phone order is approved via the automated email system the customer also gives the permission to charge the credit card. By agreeing to this policy the customer can not charge back the amount of the order to avoid payment.

We do not make any changes when the order is on machines(in production) for the plaque. Changes can be made at any time to the Tribute page by informing customer service with clear additions or deletions from your page (content, photos, links, etc)

Customers are responsible for making sure a Tribute does not already exist in the system. Duplicate tributes may be purchased. We at CatchQ do not look for duplicates. Some parties may wish to purchase several Tribute pages for different purposes or for different people; therefore, anyone is able to purchase a Tribute, even if it is a duplicate. 

If duplicate purchases were unintended and you would like to combine the information from any and all Tribute purchases into one page (receive a new QR code for all of the Tributes purchased), all purchasers are required to send written agreement to combine pages with all content agreed upon. Please contact CatchQ. While Tributes may be combined, a refund cannot be issued from payment on multiple Tributes. It is in the customers best interest to check the CatchQ database first, as well as to reach out to the recipient in order to understand if they received a gift. 

A placeholder will be kept for all purchases indicating that a Tribute page has been purchased. A blank, named Tribute indicates that a Tribute is being worked on, and have been purchased. This will aide in less duplication.


All CatchQ Products and set up are final sale and non refundable. Due to the personalized nature of the plaques, as well as the preparation for site publication, both products and the site itself are non returnable and non refundable 30 days following a purchased Tribute. All purchased sites and products are final sale. Shipping & handling is nonrefundable. 


If a customer has done a charge back they need to return all the products to us (provided office address). If you are responsible for the charge back and did not return the product we will charge you for the order.


Refunds due to customer errors will not be issued this includes, but is not limited to, typos in the name or if we are unable to meet the turnaround time stated due to customer error, and the customer would like to withdraw. CatchQ is not liable for anything more than the amount of the order at any time.

Productions (plaque cost) cost is not refundable.

If an order is late, only the shipping charges will be pro-rated.

Entire order must be returned back to the company by the customer in its original quantity as per invoice of actual order for refund of the plaque as part of the package, is to be refunded.

Any problem or complaint on the order has to be registered within 30 days of receiving the product. Later than this no complaints will be registered.

Customer will have to ship the package back via ground shipping on his own expenses.


Once the order is placed, you will receive an email asking for photos and content to include on the website. Anything sent as a part of the publication form, including photos and written content, will be published, and able to be viewed by the public. You as the customer understand that photos sent will be published and is not liable for any content. inspects all photos submitted to make certain that it meets the specific requirements as far as appropriate content (including, but not limited to: nudity). will communicate with senders if there are photographs that do not meet the sensitive nature of a memorial. Photos published are at the discretion of

Slate colors may vary in shades within the dark grey category. There is only one specific color offered at this time. 

We cannot duplicate orders 100%. However, we will try to make the order as close as possible as far as positioning and slate color for the plaque. 


We at catchQ publish photos as they are sent, and in the format provided. website images, and emailed proofs are inherently limited in their ability to communicate color, scale, and detail. We at catchq do not modify, enhance or change images from what is provided. 

It is the customers responsibility to make sure the photos that they include for publication are the ones they have reviewed and chosen for public view. 

We cannot post  any images deemed as inappropriate or vulgar.

We do not entertain abusive language on emails or profanity of any kind.

We reserve the right to change webpage formats, including individual pages and the catchq sight, in order to continue to enhance the experience of users. There may be outages or temporary interruptions during updates or web management periods. We may not always notify users of updates. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we evolve. 


Plaques are made of natural slate. While the slabs are as uniform as possible, they aren't exactly the same. Positioning of images may vary slightly. 


Production time varies from 1-15 business days depending on order status and backup. 

Shipping of the plaque is included in the cost of your Tribute purchase. The website shall be managed exclusively by CatchQ. You are purchasing a one time service, as outlined, which includes the complimentary plaque. You will not be billed for service following initial set up, despite changes and additions. Customer service for changes is included in the package price. guarantees shipment within 15 business days of order. At certain times weather or other extenuating circumstances may prevent arrival. 

Your fee covers the management of a web domain, its upkeep, and potential changes. You are able to comment and receive comments within your own webpage. The content is entirely monitored by you. This is a public place for people to say hello, express condolences and share ideas. Should a comment be found to come from a trolling source, please contact catchQ immediately so that we may try to assist. 


Since our plaques are made of slate, and etched in house, it takes some time to set up your plaque with the name and unique code, and time to etch. Once the plaque is complete, it will be boxed and mailed USPS the next day. 

Your website Tribute page is built with your content only. We are not responsible for editing, fixing grammatical or spelling errors, and your content will not be proofread. You are responsible for the content you provide. 

The catchQ website will be present within your Tribute page, as well as a home button routing users to our main Website. reserves the right to include any information within personal Tribute website pages.


CatchQ will publish content as it has been sent. The customer is responsible for proofreading content, and including functioning links (such as obituaries, etc). As soon as information is sent to us, we begin to build your Tribute page. The turn around time can be very fast for publication. 

USPS with tracking services for plaque shipment


International customers are responsible for customs and duty fees in their country. Customer is responsible for International shipping fees because it is not included in US shipping charges. No gift or lower value will be written/marked on custom forms.
If the shipping is international there will be customs fees which we are not responsible to pay for. The customer will be responsible for those charges. We are not responsible to contact Fedex or UPS for customs fees. We would love to ship plaques internationally. There may be additional shipping charges, or lengthier wait times, or even an easier way to have a plaque made closer to where you are. If you are an international customer, Please communicate with us first, so that we can find the best way, before you purchase-International shippers are responsible for shipping charges of plaques.
We are not responsible for the customs fees charged by FedEx and UPS.


CatchQ is required by law to collect all applicable sales taxes for the state, counties and cities of Iowa. Companies, individuals and organizations who are exempt from sales tax should provide us with their resale certificate by fax to You will be responsible for paying tax on these goods and services.


Your price is set for life as of now. This one time fee gives you access to your page and its content. One QR code slate plaque is included. The plaque is not guaranteed to work or withstand the elements for life. CatchQ reserves the right to at any time STOP adding additional members or selling new Tributes. However, you are guaranteed your page for life. If you choose to pull your page off for any reason, please notify CatchQuincy@gmail in writing for confirmation. Should CatchQ move forward in any sort of monthly registration fee or yearly cost option, users as of February 2024 are exempt from any such situation and are considered Grandfathered in.  

CREDIT CARDS  accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover & PayPal


CatchQ is a local business owned and operated under an L.L.C. 


All of the Content you see and hear on the CatchQ website, including, for example, all of the page headers, images, illustrations, graphics, and text, are subject to trademark, service mark, trade dress, copyright and/or other intellectual property rights or licenses held by The CatchQ logo Design is a trademark of The entire Content of this website is copyrighted as a collective work under U.S. copyright laws, and owns a copyright in the selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement of the Content.

The Content of this website, and the site as a whole, is intended solely for personal, noncommercial use by the users of our site. You may download, print and store selected portions of the Content, provided you (1) only use these copies of the Content for your own personal, non–commercial use, (2) do not copy or post the Content on any network computer or broadcast the Content in any media, and (3) do not modify or alter the Content in any way, or delete or change any copyright or trademark notice.

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